Prof Mathew Alex


Dancer and television Alex speaks on the influence that disabled dancer-actor Sudha chandran had on him.

South Indian Film Actor

My first film was a Tamil film and to act in a film with all organs, hands and everything. But still we can not do many things. But I had a first-hand experience with an actress called Sudha Chandran. She had an accident and lost one leg.

She danced with an artificial leg. Even till today many of us with all organs are not able to do everything. That means disability is not the reason. Ability and the disability vary according to the physical ability and attitude. It is one’s attitude, the disability not with the physical form. With all that when an apple fell down from the tree what the scientist understood and what the common man understood were different things. As vision is not just about physical eye sight, living is also not just about eyesight or ability.

People from different countries who are living under different climatic conditions have different physiques. That doesn’t mean disability. Disability according to me is one’s attitude and all physical abilities are immaterial in this world. So one with the right attitude can do anything. There is no restriction.

Cinema is an image which projects one’s capacity, one’s unlimited growth, and potential to grow to any extent and so media has to project the feel to the public, there is no instance where a handicap or even the growth of any organ stops their commitment towards their dreams and vision.

I wish all the best for this sort of movement because more awareness should be brought in and people should be made aware that there is no way they have to back out from the normal stream. One may have five-feet tall body, the other may have six-feet tall body, but for a society like this they have commitment, attitude and their contribution to this global consciousness is important.

The media always picks up topics only when it comes to the limelight. Media definitely has to give more importance to this sort of topics which will make the difference. Because today with the help of computers, mobile phones and the latest devices, disabled are not disabled. People have all computerized infrastructure where everything is navigated by the system, so today people are more free even with disability and more independent.

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